Oleg Chernyakhovsky is the team leader for HME Group.


When you hire Team Oleg:

We start by understanding your needs.
Our approach identifies your needs, and true motivation, getting you the results you want.
We put you in the Driver's Seat and give you a peace of mind.
Our team can give you the tools and advice to make the right, informed and educated decision.
We bring Outside-of-the-Box solutions that makes high-end results.
Using proven strategies to deliver targeted results through a systematic approach.
We bring you the security of experience.
We offer you over 20 years of real estate and multi-business ownership and operation experience. Our experience including connections allows you to stay ahead of the market trends and deliver the above average measurable and consistent results in any type of market.
Looking for Results? Put Our Team to Work For You!

If you would like to Buy or Sell your Home, Investment or Business and want results, call The Oleg Chernyakhovsky Team at 416-987-8000 or email us at investwitholeg@gmail.com.

Who is Oleg

Oleg Chernyakhovsky’s passion for selling real estate goes back to 1987 when he was first licensed. Oleg has excelled as a real estate agent, going on to become licensed as a real estate Broker, and done very well as a real estate investor.

In the early ‘90s, after a number of years as a successful real estate sales professional, Oleg was appointed as a Rent Control Officer with Ministry of Housing analyzing rent increase and decrease applications throughout the GTA and Mississauga region dealing with landlord and tenant legislation. In 1998, Oleg moved to pursue an entrepreneur's life building and operating multiple retail bushiness' in the gasoline and restaurant industries.

Oleg's first passion remained in real estate and his interest never waned.

In 2004, Oleg was drawn back to real estate sales. In doing so, Oleg has returned to the area he knows and loves and a client base who know and appreciate his talent. His professional and personal contributions to each transaction ensure that buyers and sellers are getting straight talk, knowledgeable advice, and skilled negotiation. His caring nature, ability to understand what motivates people and his close, hands-on guidance lead to the best outcome possible. Oleg always builds on his talents, as well as his connections.

As a business owner Oleg, understands the need for careful planning, keen management and absolute organization. He understands that it takes a calculated approach to helping others realize their real estate dreams. Through detailed planning and thoroughly educating clients on their various options, Oleg helps buyers and sellers maximize their opportunity and experience.

Oleg prides himself on going the extra mile for clients and providing constant attention to detail. He’s a "deal maker" who not only knows how to pull all the pieces together, but also has the experience to do so efficiently and effectively so both buyers and sellers are pleased with the results.

Oleg Chernyakhovsky

Difficult to say. Hard to forget.