Amir Zeinalpour Parvin


Amir has a strong sense of empathy, effective negotiating, and complete grasp of clientele needs makes him the ideal representative for you in the current aggressive market.

5 reasons to hire Amir

  • Amir is Attentive: He makes it a priority to meet each of his clients goals and dreams, ensuring every need is fulfilled entirely. His interview consists of him understanding his client’s desires to determine how to drive results.
  • Amir is Caring: He always puts his clients first, ensuring he provides them with their ideal outcome while his empathy, genuine nature, and consideration is felt with each conversation.
  • Amir Knows the Market: With a Bachelor of Commerce, expertise in fields such as Marketing and Project Management, and experience in Brand Management. In addition to, TREB and OREA Certifications partnered with experience in the Property Market. Amir has keen instincts in the real estate and investment market in addition to him understanding how to cater to each individual client.
  • Amir Makes Growth a Priority: His ability to consistently aim to better himself within every aspect of life has led him to the success he currently has today. Amir ensures to invest in his knowledge through extensive research and taking on additional certifications to ensure the results of each opportunity reach maximum capacity, being able to provide his clients everything they desire and more.
  • Amir is Persistent: With incredible negotiating tactics and determination, Amir will turn your dream into a reality, helping you build your perfect lifestyle whilst enhancing your investment portfolio.