Cindy Song

Sales Representative | Business Coordinator

Together, innovative solutions in a productive environment coupled with genuine passion to exceed your goals and bring your vision to life

Why her?

Born and raised in the heart of Toronto Ontario, Cindy Song has lived, breathed and ventured the city and its emerging neighbors. Growing up in the tight knit community of Lotherton Pathway, she achieved stellar grades in English and Cantonese school and moving around as a child allowed her to be able to make friends and converse with any and every one. She pursued a variety of careers all orienting around customer service, networking and business management skills. Whether it was a retail position, an operations manager of a bio-fuel company or a bartender at your local pub, every opportunity was to learn, grow, create lasting relationships while accumulating all the indispensable skills to become successful in real estate.

Why you should look to Cindy for your real estate needs? Experience in the variety of levels of customer service.

  • You're heard. Dealing with happy or mad customers at the fore front level ensured understanding of what consumers really want and need. Constructing the best practical strategy together.
  • You'll have her time. In today's competitive market, agents have become picky with who and how to help. With her team, you get innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • You're productive. Everything she does has a purpose. She's managed a company that brought her customer service skillset to work alongside managing staff to ensure a productive work environment.
  • You're cared for. Creatively building strong relationships with clients. Her bar was always full because it's easy to form lasting relationships when you're genuine and passionate about the things you do in life.
  • You'll see results. Whether it was expanding into new territories of bio-fuel consumption or consistently high bar sales, Cindy exceeds at every job she's had.

Everything Cindy does is done up to her standards, which the highest level of service. Remarkable references from all of her employers and fellow colleagues shine through to make her your best choice to represent your wants and needs in the market today.

Stepping into the real estate industry to bring in all of her acquired skills to help people find their dream homes and bring their vision to life. She's always eager to step up to any challenge and break any barriers along the way.