HME Realty Group - Turning lifelong dreams into reality!

Our Mission:
We help people build their lives and live their dreams!
Our Values
1. We believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to learn and grow every day.
2. We do not conform to consumer trends – we set them by staying ahead of the market.
3. We do not sell, sell, sell! In fact, We provide solutions instead.
4. Our fees are always outshone by the value you will receive with us.
5. Only by meeting our client's needs can we fulfil our own!
6. We deliver cures – not treat symptoms!
7. Every client is unique and will receive maximum attention to detail.
8. Where others are halted by limitations; we see solutions and possibilities!
The Process
There are far more considerations when buying your home than just the number of bedrooms or how many reception rooms you have. Price, size, location and many many other aspects all come together to either create your dream property or miss it entirely. In fact; the wrong home has the ability to control your entire life! Through the ages, Real Estate has been the largest and safest builder of consistent and sustained wealth over time. All we need do is glance at the history books to be certain of this. Many historical figures contributed to the firm establishment of Real Estate as a viable means to financial success. When it comes to property; one can either speculate or invest. Once you have acquired your property you may decide whether to time the market and make a profit, or whether to treat it as you might treat a business; by learning the rules of the game, minimizing risks and maximizing returns. It is only through the production of clear, focused goals and with the safe backing of an exit strategy that one can find a secure foothold in this market, and we are here to show you the way!
People often approach us and ask if we can find them a good investment; but the reality of this is what might be a good investment for one person might be a terrible idea to someone else. In order to better understand your needs and deliver the right result we will start with a consultation during which we can get to grips with your current situation. It is only by acknowledging your desires, needs, challenges, plans, dreams and fears that we will make a creative diagnosis and provide you with a number of options.
Once you have been given the necessary information you can, with our help, turn your plans into action. We are here to implement positive change on your behalf by turning your ideas into reality.
Like a doctor- you can either treat the symptoms or with a proper approach/diagnosis get to the bottom of things in order to provide the right cure.