How Gen Z & Millennials Can Buy A Home In This Market


How Gen Z & Millennials Can Buy A Home In This Market

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CTV recently posted an article giving Gen Z and Millennials four strategies to get into the housing market. Their strategies were - 

1. Save aggressively and long term (gee thanks)

2. Earn more income ?? 

3. Expand your options (what are they??)

4. Don't lose hope

hmmm Im not sure how helpful these really are! We decided to come up with our own four that we believe could be the difference maker between renting and owning for Gen Z and Millennials. 

Four Stategies: 

1. Use an RRSP Loophole - We recently created a video on this. We can essentially get 26% of your down payment for FREE using RRSP's. 

2. Do a rent to own program - This is a great option if your salary is decent but you just don't have any sort of down payment.
3. Do a Joint Venture Partnership - This is a great way to think outside of the box and create a win win with someone else.
4. Don’t lose hope - (we agree with you on this CTV) No matter the market there are always, always, always solutions. You just need someone to help you think outside the box, get a strategy and apply it. 

Want to learn more about your options? 

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