Aurora Ontario Real Estate

Information on Listings, Neighbourhood Amenities and Prices

The town of Aurora has extensive trails, Parks and playgrounds.  As well as numerous communities centers and recreation halls that are open to the public for events and programs or for renting if you need a place to hold an event of your own.

Numerous Golf course can be found in and around Aurora, ranging from affordable to prestigious.

A great location for commuter as well as local and international businesses.

Aurora has a population of over 43,000 with over 6,300 families in private households.  The work force in Aurora is over 20,000 people and there are approximately 26,000 people of working age living in Aurora.  With and unemployment rate of around 6% and population growth of approximately 15% per year, there is lots of opportunity for both residents and business.

Tax Rates in Aurora:
Residential = 1.165973%
Commercial = 2.733211%
Industrial = 3.066978%

The town of Aurora is a great place to raise a family, with almost 25% of the population under the age of 15, there are lots of people for your children to play with.  

For those with out kids, There are lots restaurants, bars, clubs and theaters in and around Aurora.

Aurora is alive and strong and taking progessive steps toward the future.  All of this has added to the continuing strength of the Aurora Real Estate market.

Price Range for Homes in Aurora

Detached - $337,000-4.7 million
Semis - $ 269,500-$390,000
Townhouses - $ 309,000-$380,000
Condominiums - $ 225,000-$430,000